The scholarship on the intersection of food and environment in the Philippine and Filipino/x diasporic context is nothing new. Some of the influential studies in the field date back to the early post-war period. However, the scholarship on food and environment in the Philippines has dramatically burgeoned in the last two decades and we anticipate that the interest will continue to grow in decades to come. Part of the Halo-Halo Ecologies project is to consolidate a bibliography of food and environment scholarship in the context of the Philippines and the Filipino/x diasporic communities around the world. We envision this to be a living document—maintained by a community of scholars, practitioners, and activists—to be updated regularly for those who wish to contribute to and benefit from this exciting area of research. We highly encourage you to contribute to maintaining this bibliography.

The bibliography can be accessed here: Philippine Food and Environment Bibliography

Please email Alyssa Paredes or Marvin Montefrio if you have recommended sources to include or any other suggestion to improve the bibliography. Thank you so much!